PODIUM participated in the Services Fair for Colombians in London


Over the weekend, on the 10th and 11th June, our organisation attended the event organized by the Colombian Foreign Ministry, the Consulate and the Embassy of Colombia in London; where the main entities that provide services to Colombians in the United Kingdom came together to show and publicize their programmes and projects. The fair included the participation of public, private and social entities, where PODIUM’s presence was noted from beginning to end, making known the Miraism ideology on both days of celebration of Colombian identity.

See the pictures from the event here.

The Representative for Colombians Abroad, Ana Paola Agudelo’s Visit

On Friday 9th June, through a community event, PODIUM created a space where Colombians abroad had the opportunity to share with their Representative from the Colombian Chamber of Representatives, Ana Paola Agudelo.

On June 10 and 11, the Colombian Foreign Ministry, together with the consulate and the Colombian embassy in London, organized the First Services Fair for Colombians in London, where the Representative was also present, approaching both visitors and the stands of the different organizations and entities that participated in the event.

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Tables of conversation in English

On Saturday 3rd June, PODIUM hosted its first tables of conversation in English, a space where spanish speakers could come and practise their English, no matter the level, in a comfortable and informal setting. The session consisted of group conversations, reading play scripts, activities in teams and games, all of which made people learn and use an extensive range of the english vocabulary. The session was run by 5 bilingual volunteers and was attended by 13 people of all ages.

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