Visit to the Emirates Aviation Experience

On the 30th of May PODIUM’s Youth group visited the Emirates Aviation Experience. During the visit they had a guided tour and learnt about all the different aspects of the airline. Before everything started the tour guide said: “during this visit we will put your 5 senses to work”, and so it was.

The guide gave a lot of information and statistics about the airline, mainly focusing on the most commonly used plane by the airline, the Airbus 380-800. After learning about the various features of the plane, it was time to start working the sense of smell. The youth were given 8 pots which contained a particular smell related to Dubai (which is where the central terminal of Emirates is located) and smells that can be found on the inside or outside of the plane. The group had to work out what the smells were as a team and got them thinking about different things that are part of a trip.

After smelling some pleasant smells and others not so pleasant, the guide explained that Emirates Airline also focuses on helping the environment. One of the ways in which they do this is through the Wi-Fi, as a percentage of the small fee that must be paid to access the Wi-Fi throughout the flight is given to charity organisations that work against the extinction of animals. The group were then taught about how the airplane engine works and to do this, one of the youth volunteered to physically do what a particle of air would do inside the engine, which helped visualize the process.

Finally, the group had the opportunity to fly a plane through a simulator, an unforgettable experience since it was not easy and made them appreciate the knowledge and skills a pilot has. The group found the visit a very useful and fun experience, anxious to know what activity will come next.

See the photos from the visit here