The Representative for Colombians Abroad, Ana Paola Agudelo’s Visit

On Friday 9th June, through a community event, PODIUM created a space where Colombians abroad had the opportunity to share with their Representative from the Colombian Chamber of Representatives, Ana Paola Agudelo.

On June 10 and 11, the Colombian Foreign Ministry, together with the consulate and the Colombian embassy in London, organized the First Services Fair for Colombians in London, where the Representative was also present, approaching both visitors and the stands of the different organizations and entities that participated in the event.

During both events, the congresswoman made known to Colombians all the work done during the last years and its fruits, one of the most remarkable being her approach to managing state entities, such as the National Savings Fund, ColPensions, the military forces, among others, which now provide their services more clearly to nationals residing outside Colombia. Colombians were also able to ask their Representative questions and make proposals about the management of these entities, which made them feel included and recognized.

See the pictures from the events here.