Registering Colombian IDs for the March 2018 elections

PODIUM, as that bridge of information, aware of what’s happening for the benefit of Colombians abroad, informs you that since March 2017, the Colombian Registry has opened it’s process of registration for Colombian I.D Cards (Cedulas) in Colombian Consulates, for the March 2018 Colombian general elections of representatives of congress and presidency.


Register your ID Card/Cedula in 5 steps:


1.     Enter the Registry website HERE

2.     Type the number of your ID Card/Cedula to know your voting station.

3.     If you are not registered to vote in London, go to your consulate to register before the 11th of January 2018.

4.     Present your yellow ID Card/Cedula in person.

5.     Verify your enrollment by checking the website again.

#ColombiansAbroad participate in democracy, do not let others decide for you #YourVoiceCounts.