Sports activities in a green open space

On the 23rd of February, PODIUM Youth invited it’s youth group to carry out an activity where, besides enjoying a splendid day, young people and adults were encouraged to keep green areas clean of waste and functional for the use of the others (see photos here).

Among the different activities, the group played games such as basketball and football, where teamwork was the key lesson of the day. The group were also able to enjoy a healthy and balanced snack, during which they discussed topics such as the impact on the environment, the lack of recycling and the impact of climate change as a result of using coal or the desertification of natural areas.

In conclusion, the group learned the importance of keeping the planet where we live clean through teamwork, demonstrating once again that with the help of everyone we can make this world a cleaner place for ourselves and future generations.

Final Special Consulate Registration Day for Colombian IDs

On Saturday 6th January 2018, the Consulate of Colombia in London held their final special registration day for Colombian IDs at Elephant & Castle; with the objective of encouraging and facilitating the community the opportunity to exercise their right to vote during the Congressional elections, which will take place in March
2018. See photos here of all the registration days that our Miraist volunteers have attended and accompanied the Consulate, taking people to register their IDs.

In addition, our Miraist volunteers had the opportunity to walk around the area and provide people with more information about the registration event, as well as the Miraist candidates, Catalina Bahamón and Ana Paola Agudelo from the Political Party MIRA, who have been put forward for seats in the Senate and House of Representatives.

A reminder to those who have not registered their ID yet, please remember that registration closes on Thursday 11th January 2018.

Youth Activity: Mukimono Workshop

On Saturday 23rd of December, PODIUM hosted an event for our young Miraists in Camberwell, London (click here to see photos of the event). The aim of this event was to create a safe, comfortable and artistic space for our young people, where they could enrich their culinary and intellectual knowledge by learning about the acclaimed art of Mukimono, and refresh their knowledge about PODIUM and the Miraism ideology.

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First volunteer gathering in Croydon

On the 20th August, the first volunteer integration took place in Croydon, London, where volunteers, supporters and leaders in the area shared an afternoon together to enjoy various activities, a delicious lunch and hear the latest on the initiatives being led by the Representative for Colombians Abroad Ana Paola Agudelo and the other leaders of the political party MIRA in Colombia.

In addition, the occasion commemorated the political party MIRA’s 17 years of service, remembering its beginnings, objectives reached and projects completed.

Finally, the objective of this gathering was to consolidate coexistence with respect by activating PODIUM’s Croydon team and the activities they will be taking on to serve the community.

You can view the event’s photo album on our Facebook PODIUM.UK.

International Youth Day

On the 12th August, in commemoration of International Youth Day, as celebrated by the United Nations, PODIUM opened a space for the young Miraists in the United Kingdom to come together, to share their ideas about our ideology and how to implement it so that each one of them is a motor of change in society. They also participated in play and sport activities, where they put into practice those values and principles as taught by Miraism. To conclude the activity, they made their own flag, which they will use from now on in all their activities.

You can view the event’s photo album on our Facebook PODIUM.UK.

Community gathering in Guildford

On the 6th August, a community gathering took place in Guildford where the community had the opportunity to know more about PODIUM’s work in England and Miraism internationally. Attendees enjoyed an afternoon of socialization and integration as well as a lunch prepared by our volunteers. Attendees with Colombian nationality were also given more details about the March 2018 Colombian elections and how they can exercise their right to vote, as well as how to join the institution that promotes our ideology in that country, the political party MIRA.

You can view photos of this gathering on our Facebook PODIUM.UK.

PODIUM participated in the Services Fair for Colombians in London


Over the weekend, on the 10th and 11th June, our organisation attended the event organized by the Colombian Foreign Ministry, the Consulate and the Embassy of Colombia in London; where the main entities that provide services to Colombians in the United Kingdom came together to show and publicize their programmes and projects. The fair included the participation of public, private and social entities, where PODIUM’s presence was noted from beginning to end, making known the Miraism ideology on both days of celebration of Colombian identity.

See the pictures from the event here.

The Representative for Colombians Abroad, Ana Paola Agudelo’s Visit

On Friday 9th June, through a community event, PODIUM created a space where Colombians abroad had the opportunity to share with their Representative from the Colombian Chamber of Representatives, Ana Paola Agudelo.

On June 10 and 11, the Colombian Foreign Ministry, together with the consulate and the Colombian embassy in London, organized the First Services Fair for Colombians in London, where the Representative was also present, approaching both visitors and the stands of the different organizations and entities that participated in the event.

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