Youth Activity: Mukimono Workshop

On Saturday 23rd of December, PODIUM hosted an event for our young Miraists in Camberwell, London (click here to see photos of the event). The aim of this event was to create a safe, comfortable and artistic space for our young people, where they could enrich their culinary and intellectual knowledge by learning about the acclaimed art of Mukimono, and refresh their knowledge about PODIUM and the Miraism ideology.

The art of Mukimono is the traditional Japanese art of decorative garnishing, intended to bring a level of excitement and appeal to a dish. During this event, our young volunteers were able to learn about the basic skills of this extraordinary art by sculpting an apple swan and a beautiful rose in a watermelon. The workshop was led by one of our volunteers who is an experienced chef that masters this Japanese art. He encouraged and inspired our young Miraists to discover their hidden talents and the world of art through this technique.

This exciting and informative workshop also included some talks from volunteers on PODIUM and the Miraism ideology, highlighting the importance of practising values.  Overall, this group of youths were able to enjoy themselves by sharing ideas and socialising in a harmonious, respectful and educational atmosphere. Now they cannot wait to see what new adventure is yet to come.