Celebrating Colombia’s Independence Day

On the 29th July, PODIUM celebrated the 207th year of Colombia’s independence, as well as the political party MIRA’s 17th  birthday, in which the Miraism ideology was born.

In this event, which around 200 people attended, guests enjoyed the countries’ traditional foods and dances, performed by the dance group Yurupari. It was also a special day for children, who were able to enjoy a bouncy castle, face painting, and activities that the volunteers had prepared for these little ones.

The grown-ups also had the opportunity to enjoy themselves, playing bingo and taking part in the raffle, as well as getting to know more about MIRA’s political work in Colombia that they can benefit from, even from abroad.

If you would like to view photos from the event, visit our facebook album @PODIUM.UK

PODIUM participated in the Services Fair for Colombians in London


Over the weekend, on the 10th and 11th June, our organisation attended the event organized by the Colombian Foreign Ministry, the Consulate and the Embassy of Colombia in London; where the main entities that provide services to Colombians in the United Kingdom came together to show and publicize their programmes and projects. The fair included the participation of public, private and social entities, where PODIUM’s presence was noted from beginning to end, making known the Miraism ideology on both days of celebration of Colombian identity.

See the pictures from the event here.

The Representative for Colombians Abroad, Ana Paola Agudelo’s Visit

On Friday 9th June, through a community event, PODIUM created a space where Colombians abroad had the opportunity to share with their Representative from the Colombian Chamber of Representatives, Ana Paola Agudelo.

On June 10 and 11, the Colombian Foreign Ministry, together with the consulate and the Colombian embassy in London, organized the First Services Fair for Colombians in London, where the Representative was also present, approaching both visitors and the stands of the different organizations and entities that participated in the event.

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Tables of conversation in English

On Saturday 3rd June, PODIUM hosted its first tables of conversation in English, a space where spanish speakers could come and practise their English, no matter the level, in a comfortable and informal setting. The session consisted of group conversations, reading play scripts, activities in teams and games, all of which made people learn and use an extensive range of the english vocabulary. The session was run by 5 bilingual volunteers and was attended by 13 people of all ages.

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Registering Colombian IDs for the March 2018 elections

PODIUM, as that bridge of information, aware of what’s happening for the benefit of Colombians abroad, informs you that since March 2017, the Colombian Registry has opened it’s process of registration for Colombian I.D Cards (Cedulas) in Colombian Consulates, for the March 2018 Colombian general elections of representatives of congress and presidency.


Register your ID Card/Cedula in 5 steps:


1.     Enter the Registry website HERE

2.     Type the number of your ID Card/Cedula to know your voting station.

3.     If you are not registered to vote in London, go to your consulate to register before the 11th of January 2018.

4.     Present your yellow ID Card/Cedula in person.

5.     Verify your enrollment by checking the website again.

#ColombiansAbroad participate in democracy, do not let others decide for you #YourVoiceCounts.

PODIUM Youth meeting in London

On the 13th May in Camberwell, South London, was the first event organized by PODIUM Youth, where 29 young people, with different nationalities (such as Argentina, Colombia, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Venezuela) but all of them living across London, could learn about the fundamental concepts on volunteering and it´s responsibilities, embedded in the values and principles of the Miraism ideology. As well as leadership from the perspective of Miraism.

The youth shared their experiences on these topics and practiced it and all the new concepts learned through different activities which were planned to show their skills as good leaders and partners.

See the photos from the meeting here

International Volunteers Day Celebrations


To celebrate International Volunteer`s day, as proposed and promoted by the United Nations, PODIUM, in the localities of Croydon, Camberwell, Fulham/Guildford, and Hackney/Seven Sisters on the 3rd, 4th, 10th and 11th of December 2016, provided a space where all PODIUM’s volunteers could enjoy a day for themselves and their families; whatever their age, attendees could participate in all of the activities organised for these celebrations.

Alongside the activities, a special meal was provided for all our volunteers to thank them for all their efforts that makes it possible to carry out the projects that PODIUM promotes in pursuit of a respectful coexistence and a harmonious society.

Once more we want to thank all our volunteers for all their support and heartfelt work, and for implementing values and principles to achieve Absolute Renovation.

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