About Us

PODIUM is a not for profit organisation that carries out social-political work in Central and Greater London. The organisation began in July 2012 and is composed of a diverse group of volunteers, also known as Miraists. PODIUM stands for Promotion of Democratic Involvement Under Miraism®. We work in unity with sister organisations around the world who also promote Miraism® such as the International Miraism® Association based in Geneva, Amigos MIRA Espana, and MIRA USA.

Ana Paola Agudelo, Representative for Colombians Abroad 2014-18

We work closely with the current Representative for Colombians Abroad, Ana Paola Agudelo, who is from the Political Party MIRA and serve as a channel of communication between her and Colombians in the UK, providing them news about her work and arranging her visits to London. Renowned for its transparency and authors of the 2011 Anti-Discrimination Act and the 2011 Equal Pay Act, the Political Party MIRA in Colombia is taking political action orientated towards the service and welfare of Colombian citizens both in and outside the country through the application of Miraism®. Know more about Ana Paola here.

Our Vision

To contribute to building a harmonious society by applying values and principles, thus promoting the Miraism® ideology.

Our Mission

1. To contribute to building a harmonious society, based on living together with respect and human dignity.
2. To raise awareness, promote and defend human rights, peace and sustainable human development.
3. To empower migrants, youth and women so that they can have equal opportunities, enjoy all their rights and fully develop their human potential.

Our Values

1. Solidarity – lasting relationships based on mutual support to overcome any challenges.
2. Justice – equity, balance, and fair treatment to guarantee the best opportunities for all individuals.
3. Loyalty – a true friendship evidenced by the commitment to work and serve others without a feeling of superiority even when in a position of power.
4. Honesty/Integrity – exemplary behaviour at all times.

Our Principles

1. Veracity/Truthfulness – linked to honesty and integrity, it’s a behaviour that respects values and requires self government.
2. Coherence – the application of values and trufulness; it is applied ethics in the actions and behaviour of the individual.
3. Practicality – this ensures that Absolute Renovation doesn’t remain as a theory but is put in practice for the benefit of society through efficient actions and behaviours.

Miraism® and Absolute Renovation®

Miraism® is an ideology patented in the UN in 2011. It teaches us the concept of Absolute Renovation® which is the transformation of the being, aimed at achieving their fulfillment or happiness, through the knowledge and application of the above mentioned values and principles. Absolute Renovation® is made up of values, because values can be found in each individual, who is who transforms society. Absolute Renovation® is coherent practicality with veracity. Know more about Miraism® here.