Who We Are

PODIUM stands for Promotion of Democratic Involvement Under Miraism®. As our name makes clear, our work involves the promotion and dissemination of Miraism® through the application of its values and principles;

  • The betterment of the individual, through vital values that are evidenced in merit and in integrity.
  • Working towards human development with quality of life through social values inspired in solidarity and the building of lasting relationships.
  • Aiming to achieve the construction of a sustainable community, in which civic convergence exists due to the existential values that concur in loyalty.
  • In being geared to materialise a harmonious society, characterised by coexistence with respect; achieved through political values that are specified around justice and equity.
  • We are a new transcendent and trans-generational culture; guided by and based on human dignity due to being based on the fundamental values of Solidarity, Loyalty, Justice and Honesty.